Why should Elders work?

“Our body and mind start deteriorating as we grow older. It is good to start working so that we stay active. I manage to sell insurace to contacts I have built up through the years and it brings me a decent income while still letting me stay active,” says Mr. Shyam, who has been a star insurance agent after securing a job through Nightingales Jobs 60+.

Mr. Shyam represents the new-age senior citizen who, instead of fading away at home, is using retirement to make new beginnings.

According to the a survey done by a leading employment website, there is a sustained year-on-year incremental growth in the number of retirees entering re-employment.

Many Seniors are also financially unstable and desperately in need of an income in the absence of a support system. 

Why should Seniors work?

Who can apply?

Application on the Job Portal is for Senior Citizens who meet the following criteria:



55 - 70 years old



Fit, as per job requirements



Priority given to persons with pension of less than 15k per month


Economic Status

Priority given to elders who are financially insecure, or with no financial support or have dependents or debts, especially those with annual income of less than 2L.

Useful Resources

A Blank Resume for the use of Senior Citizens

Blank Resume

Download this simple resume
for you to use in your job search
in editable MS Word format.


Please Note:

1. This is to inform that the Nightingales Job Bureau and the job portal - - are free services for elderly job seekers and employers.

2. Nightingales Jobs 60+ does not guarantee any interview/meeting/discussion or any jobs. We can only facilitate for job seekers to meet with potential employers.

3. Nightingales Jobs 60+ is not responsible for any frivolous email, sms or phone call by any fraudulent person pretending to be part of our team. Any communication from our staff or our website or our email ID shall only be considered as genuine.

4. Jobseekers are advised not to indulge in any monetary engagement with any other source in the name of guaranteed interviews with employers. Our Job Bureau service is completely free.

Why should you hire a Senior Citizen?

Mr. Mahendar, partner at Hatti Kaapi, which has hired 22 senior citizens across its 55 outlets in Bengaluru says this about hiring Elders - “The integrity, humility and discipline they bring to the job is excellent,” he said, explaining that seniors who are usually appointed cashiers, front-office staff or accountants often learn how to make coffee, serve food and do housekeeping jobs.

Seniors are a great resource of various skills, rich experience and ripe wisdom. They are also cost effective. Employers will definitely benefit by employing Senior Citizens. 

Why should employers hire seniors?

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