So, where are we headed, you ask? Here is what is on our wish list:
  • Jobs 60+ centres across India: Since most of our hiring partners are based in Bengaluru, it becomes difficult to hire seniors from outside the city. During our job fair in March 2017, seniors who came in from distant parts of Karnataka expressed their difficulty in commuting from place to place in search of jobs. To expand our reach and to help more elders, we at NEF not only hope to conduct job fairs in different parts of the country, but also set up employment bureaus across other cities.
  • Mobile digital literacy: Phones are no longer tools used only to make calls. They are now magic wands that give us the power to socialize, watch movies, shop and do so much more – all on the go. Banks, for example, have apps that offer services at the click of a button; this saves you time and money. The need of the hour is to educate seniors – especially in rural areas – to transact, verify information and use other facilities, all by themselves. To make the programme more effective, we hope to take smartphone training to the doorsteps of our seniors using suitably equipped vehicles.