Preparing for an Interview:

Getting your corporate war paint on

Got called for an interview? Congratulations! Here is a checklist that may help you prep up:

  1. Research the company: While it is the company that is interviewing you, it is also important for you to assess your potential employers. Check the company’s background, the kind of work do they do, their performance over the years, and other such information. It is important to know if your values and experience match the company’s.
  2. Research your interviewer: If you know your interviewers’ names in advance, you can check their backgrounds to give you an idea of whom you will be meeting.
  3. Rehearse: Try and draft answers to questions you can expect – your family & work backgrounds, your reasons for reentering employment, and other such favourites among interviewers. As far as possible, keep your answers simple and comprehensive.
  4. Arm yourself: Carry copies of your CV in case it is required; pens and paper always come in handy if you need to take notes.
  5. First impressions: What are you wearing to the interview? Is that shirt neatly pressed, or is your sari free of wrinkles? Trimmed clean nails and a groomed appearance are always good to have.
  6. Tick-tock, on the clock: Arrive before time if you can. Check transport schedules; make sure your local transport service is not striking that day. Any planned closures on your route? Unexpected surprises can make you anxious – not a good idea for any situation.
  7. Relax, breathe: Try visualizing the interview process. Sometimes, the worst-case scenarios give you the best lessons and equip you better for the next one.

Good luck! We hope you ace it!

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