Our aim at Nightingales Medical Trust is to create a more senior-friendly environment by providing hassle-free, quality care across board. In realizing this vision, we had many friends along the way – our committed trustees, well-wishers, donors, volunteers, collaborators and of course, the governments at the Centre and the state.

Our facilities and services have been used by thousands of seniors across India. Many other organizations have taken inspiration from us, and replicated our path-breaking development models.

We have come far, but we believe we have a long way to go. Nightingales is always looking for more community support and partnership with like-minded organizations and corporates. If you would like to join the movement, here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Volunteer:
    • Income-generation trainers: We are always looking for quality trainers from different walks of life to help our members learn computer skills, soft skills and income generation. We welcome volunteers from different walks of life to train our elders in new ways to earn income.
    • Patronize our products: Support our cause by buying or marketing products created by our senior champions. We would also appreciate it if you could provide some room for our products during fests and events.
    • Be an advocate and spread awareness by telling others about Nightingales Medical Trust.

    Contact for further details on volunteering at

  • Consider one of our silver stars to work for your company:
    Seniors add diversity to the working population; they bring with them a lot of stability, and many decades of experience. If you would like to employ one of our silver stars, please register and post your requirements on our job portal:
  • Financial aid:
    • All donations to NMT are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. The Trust is registered and approved under the Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) to also receive contributions from outside India.
    • Kindly address your cheques to ‘Nightingales Medical Trust’. We will send you a receipt at the earliest.
    • For information on online cash transfers, kindly call us on 080-42426565 or email us on
  • In-Kind Donations: We accept the following donations:
    • Computers and laptops, and accessories like printers, faxes, projectors and computer peripherals for our lab.
    • Licensed software, antivirus, and other useful tools.
    • Reusable furniture.

We launched in October 2012; in five years, this has become a go-to site among our job-seeking seniors, and other stakeholders. Advertisements on our website have a lot of visibility, with over 500 visitors each month. For more information on how you can display public messages on our site, please contact