With more Indian families opting for nuclear setups, there is a need to build a supportive ecosystem for those above age 60. For almost 20 years, NMT – a non-profit, voluntary organization – has worked for the well-being of seniors in India; nearly 800 of these use our services daily. NMT has partnered with government agencies such as the National Institute of Social Defense, Bengaluru City Police, and the Bangalore city corporation.

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Nightingale Empowerment Foundation (NEF)

Bengaluru-based Nightingale Empowerment Foundation (NEF) is a not-for-profit organization established under the Indian Trusts Act, 1982, and was registered in April 2012 with a vision of providing senior citizens across India a life of dignity by economically empowering them through training and promoting of job opportunities.

Nightingales Jobs 60+

Established in October 2011, Nightingales Jobs 60+ – an initiative of Nightingales Empowerment Foundation (NEF) – helps healthy, employable, retired elders seniors re-enter the job market or become entrepreneurs by enhancing their skills and fitness, and facilitating opportunities.

NEF screens seniors between 60 and 70 years of age in need of employment, and assesses their functional and intellectual abilities, and trains them accordingly.

To know more, drop into our Jobs 60+ Centre. Here you will find:

  • Senior-friendly features
  • Well-equipped training hall with LCD projector
  • Vocational training for various income generation activities
  • Employment bureau
Leadership Team

Besides the managing and coordinating committees at all levels, NMT actively works with communities of volunteers and trainers. The commitment and zeal of the core group and staff remain the driving force of the trust. All major policy decisions rest with the board that comprises dedicated professionals from different fields.